Engineering Utilities at Mach Expo

Mach Expo 2018 is an event organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association. Many of the exhibitors at Mach 2018 are involved in machine tools, cutting tools, metrology equipment, and CAD/CAM software.

Engineering Utilities will be exhibiting at this years Mach Expo. The company is a family business, spearheaded by a quartet of brothers, with over 100 years of combined experience in supplying equipment and consumables for metal surface conditioning. Mach Expo is an opportunity for Engineering Utilities to share their vast experience, which enables them to supply high-quality products to their industry.

Having previously exhibited at the event in 2010 when the original Tig Brush TBE-250 was launched, as well as in 2016, Engineering Utilities have a variety of newer products to show in 2018. They also have a newly designed stand to set the stage for their metal finishing know how.

A host of products will be on show including Tig Brush TBE440, the stainless steel weld cleaning system by the award winning inventor Ensitech, the Eisenblatter POLY PTX 802HT grinding machines, NS Maquinas machines for metal finishing and polishing and a large number of safety equipment and accessories.

This years exhibition will have two main showstopper product ranges. These are Cleanspace and the Tig Brush SSALLY, which the team will be proudly displaying and demonstrating at the exhibitor stand.

Cleanspace manufacture protective respiratory equipment. Engineering Utilities will have a number of their products at the show including the Cleanspace 2, Cleanspace Ultra and Cleanspace EX. Key features of all these masks include the following.

– Lightweight (500g) and compact.
– Comfortable over long periods.
– Quick and easy to fit.
– Highly portable.
– No hoses, cables or belt mounted battery packs.
– Up to 8 hours run time.
– Portacount fit testing.
– Little or no maintenance required.
– Few parts, meaning low inventory.
– PPE compatible.

Wide range of particulate filters available.

Tig Brush SSALLY introduces dynamic fluid control to stainless steel weld cleaning systems, using a Smart Fluid Delivery System (SFDS) and automatic current selection, which gives the user a greater level of control. This will not only deliver better results, but will also enable the user to save valuable time.

The NEC in Birmingham will be the venue for Mach Exp between the 9th and 13th of April, with Engineering Utilities exhibiting industry leading products for the full duration of the exhibition.

The team have extensive product experience and knowledge. For instance Murray Soulsby of Engineering Utilities has been selling Eisenblatter products since 1991, enjoying a brilliant working relationship with the manufacturer throughout.

If you’re attending the exhibition and would like to speak to one of our team to arrange a demonstration, give us a call before you attend the event on 0113 255 8887 and we’ll be happy to schedule a chat.




Engineering Utilities is both delighted and proud to announce that it is now a carefully selected and fully approved dealer for Swiss company Suhner, the world renowned ‘Abrasive Expert’.




Its second to none reputation for quality works perfectly with our “sell only the best” philosophy – the abrasive experts is now selling abrasive expert tools.

Since starting in autumn 2016 we have enjoyed some remarkable success stories, which are attributable to the close working and trusting relationship we have with the Suhner technical staff.


Particular tools that have stolen the limelight are …

> The Rotomax flexible shaft machine with its incredible range of accessories including rigid long reach extension shafts up to 1m long. These are specially made out of stainless steel to avoid any cross contamination when working blind in deep vessels.

> The incredible LSA77 pencil grinder with – 110watt motor and near silent running – lightening speed at your fingertips.

> The powerful LSB44 die grinders – 250 watt motors and 44’000 rpm – superb tools for fettling with carbide burrs.

> Powerful electric angle grinders. The 5″ UWG 10-R has a variable speed 1050 watt motor and weighs in at only 1.9kg.

> The Suhner ‘to go’ range of battery tools For most finishing and polishing applications – durable and powerful motors powered by 18 volt 4Ah Li-Power batteries.

We have full access to the Suhner fully kitted demo van which can attend your site anywhere in the country.

Let this joint team of professionals come and assess your finishing needs.



Engineering Utilities supplies leading range of power tools and consumables to Heerema

Leading metal finishing equipment and consumables supplier, Engineering Utilities, has provided a range of power tools to suit the various requirements of one of the UK’s largest offshore fabrication companies – Heerema Fabrication Group – following a competitive tender process.

Engineering Utilities developed a unique agreement with the company’s Hartlepool team to lease over 500 power tools on a three-year hire, maintenance and service contract.

The power tools provided to Heerema include the Metabo five and seven-inch electric angle grinders, offering the operator a robust and effective material removal solution, along with reduced vibration levels. Engineering Utilities has also developed and supplied Dynabrade heavy-duty, low-vibration air-powered die grinders to the Heerema team.

Nigel Soulsby, director of Engineering Utilities, said: “As a leading supplier of metal finishing equipment and with more than 40 years’ experience, we have the industry knowledge and ability to offer tailored and innovative machinery packages, to ensure customers’ needs and expectations are met.

“As well as providing a tailor-made agreement, we’ll be sending a team up to Hartlepool every fortnight to make sure all the products are performing as expected, cementing our reputation as a company that offers unrivalled customer service.”


Cirrus Laser speeds up production with innovative new machine

Loewer K4TD 09
Cirrus Laser, one of the UK’s largest sub-contract laser and water jet cutting companies, has significantly increased its manufacturing process with the introduction of a new custom-built machine, sourced by leading supplier of metal finishing equipment and consumables, Engineering Utilities.


Cirrus Laser, which laser cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, rare metals and Mu metal for a variety of industrial sectors, set about searching for a new machine that would help the company speed up its deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing processes. Engineering Utilities used its expertise and exclusive contacts to source Cirrus Laser a Loewer K4TD 1350 Beltmaster machine – the first of its kind in the UK.


The Loewer K4TD 1350 Beltmaster performs deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing processes in one machine and has helped the company to significantly improve its production speeds. The machine is extremely compact, which not only saves valuable factory floor space, but is also much more energy efficient, proving to be cost effective for Cirrus Laser.


David Connaway, managing director at Cirrus Laser, said: “The new Loewer machine sourced by Engineering Utilities has been a valuable asset to our production process, particularly when deburring which was previously done by hand. This now means our experts can increase the capacity and output that we deliver for customers.”

Brightex® Polishing with a concept.


Eisenblätter makes achieving a mirror-finish child’s play. Only two steps are necessary to see your reflection. The newly developed BRIGHTEX® system from Eisenblätter, the original, gives untreated metal a shadow-free shine. This completely new technology uses a specifically developed polishing cloth coated with a highly innovative universal polishing compound. And, for the first time, pre- and post-polishing in a single operation – with a single disc.

Allsops increases productivity with new Loewer machine

Loewer Allsops 2

A Yorkshire-based sheet metal manufacturer has seen a marked increase in productivity thanks to a revolutionary surface finishing machine provided by Engineering Utilities.

The production team at Allsops, in Holmfirth, identified the need to speed-up its edge rounding processes, which were previously performed by hand.

After considering a number of machines, the team at Allsops chose the Loewer DiscMaster 4TD-1500 machine, which Engineering Utilities exclusively sourced from Germany.

Lyndon Tyas, production director at Allsops, was flown out to Germany to see the machine in action at the Loewer head quarters in Homburg, Germany by Engineering Utilities director, Nigel Soulsby. Lyndon took sheet metal samples with him and was hugely impressed with not only the quality of finish the machine achieved, but also the speed in which it performed.

New: Mirror Tube Polishing Machine from NS Maquinas

Tube Mirror Finishing Machine

NS Máquinas has launched a revolutionary mirror polishing machine: the MP100. This brand new model is capable of polishing up to a high gloss level in round tubes, both straight and curved. The 3 planetary polishing wheels allow different shapes to be polished with high pressure without any support besides the polishing buffs.

Tube Finishing Machine Mirror

Contact us for more information on this revolutionary machine.


NSF Approved Weld Cleaning Fluids

Ensitech has invested heavily in market-leading research and development to create a complete, premium range of innovative fluids for every aspect of stainless steel surface preparation, weld cleaning and finishing. In addition to this, Ensitech fluids are now NSF certified and conform to the requirements of the NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme. The NSF mark is your assurance that Ensitech pre, post and weld cleaning fluids have been tested and certified by one of the most respected independent certification organisations in existence today.

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