Engineering Utilities is both delighted and proud to announce that it is now a carefully selected and fully approved dealer for Swiss company Suhner, the world renowned ‘Abrasive Expert’.




Its second to none reputation for quality works perfectly with our “sell only the best” philosophy – the abrasive experts is now selling abrasive expert tools.

Since starting in autumn 2016 we have enjoyed some remarkable success stories, which are attributable to the close working and trusting relationship we have with the Suhner technical staff.


Particular tools that have stolen the limelight are …

> The Rotomax flexible shaft machine with its incredible range of accessories including rigid long reach extension shafts up to 1m long. These are specially made out of stainless steel to avoid any cross contamination when working blind in deep vessels.

> The incredible LSA77 pencil grinder with – 110watt motor and near silent running – lightening speed at your fingertips.

> The powerful LSB44 die grinders – 250 watt motors and 44’000 rpm – superb tools for fettling with carbide burrs.

> Powerful electric angle grinders. The 5″ UWG 10-R has a variable speed 1050 watt motor and weighs in at only 1.9kg.

> The Suhner ‘to go’ range of battery tools For most finishing and polishing applications – durable and powerful motors powered by 18 volt 4Ah Li-Power batteries.

We have full access to the Suhner fully kitted demo van which can attend your site anywhere in the country.

Let this joint team of professionals come and assess your finishing needs.