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Lyndon Tyas

Production Director at Allsops

“Having previously worked with Engineering Utilities for more than a decade, we felt confident that the team would be able to provide an effective yet affordable solution for our edge rounding requirements.
The entire team has been really impressed at the performance of the Loewer machine since its installation – it would usually take our welders days to achieve the finish that the machine can produce in just a couple of hours – meaning many of our skilled team have the capacity to now focus on other areas of the business.
We always call upon Nigel and the team at Engineering Utilities to assist with our metal finishing requirements and I can’t recommend them enough for providing innovative, industry-leading products that fit the bill every time.”

Stewart Beer

Manufacturing Manager Electrix International Ltd.

"We have used the Tig Brush® system for the last 4 years. We used the traditional methods of passivating welds involving the use of hydrofluoric acid type pickling gel for over 20 years - Engineering Utilities recommended the Tig Brush® system, using water based, environmentally safe chemicals.We trialled the system with the guidance of Nigel Soulsby and shortly after ordered several systems, replacing our traditional methods completely 'i could not believe the results, safer and quicker to use with no loss of product quality, it was an easy decision to make'"

David Connaway

Managing Director at Cirrus Laser

"The new Loewer machine sourced by Engineering Utilities has been a valuable asset to our production process, particularly when deburring which was previously done by hand. This now means our experts can increase the capacity and output that we deliver for customers."


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